Ad & Pop-Up Blocker

Pop-ups, or pop-up advertisements, are one of the most annoying forms of advertising online. They are also one of the oldest: by some estimates, pop-ups have been irritating people for 25 years! Pop-ups are any ads that open in front of whatever content you are trying to read (hence the name "pop-up").

Pop-ups are one of the most aggressive and annoying forms of advertising, and with AdBlock you can block pop-ups permanently. They have also evolved to include equally annoying variants of pop-ups that include pop-unders, and pop-ups that include video or sound.

Blocking Pop-Ups, Pop-Unders, and Trackers

Over the years, pop-up ads have become more aggressive in order to get past ad blockers like AdBlock. So now there are not only pop-ups, there are also pop-unders. A pop-under is an advertisement that hides behind your browser window, revealing itself only when you leave the site you're visiting.

Another example of aggressive online advertising is the rise of third-party trackers and ads that "follow" you across the Internet as you browse. Advertising companies that rely on these kinds of ads keep track of your online behavior in a database, which is used to serve ads that are tailored to your recent activity. If you've ever looked at a pair of shoes on one website and then seen an ad for the same pair of shoes on websites you visit later that's the result of trackers (the advertising industry calls this "retargeting").

Our ad blocker will block annoying pop-ups as well as aggressive pop-unders and third-party trackers. By downloading AdBlock, you'll be protecting yourself from the worst of these ads.

Block Pop-Ups and Protect Yourself

AdBlock blocks pop-ups by default. Once you've installed it, you should stop seeing annoying pop-ups in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Android or iPhone. If you're still seeing pop-ups, it could be a sign that your computer has been infected with a form of malware called "adware". If you think you may have installed adware, visit our Help Center and follow the steps for removing malware.

Enjoy Browsing Again

Not all pop-ups are ads. You may want to see pop-ups that websites use to invite you to join their newsletter, let you know about a sale, or alert you about a session timing out. AdBlock makes it easy to control which pop-ups you see and which are blocked.

You don't have to put up with pop-ups anymore! Install AdBlock and browse the way you want to: without annoying distractions.